Mindless Babble (c_death) wrote in atkinsinduction,
Mindless Babble

no cook low carb

I am looking for ideas for no cook low carb meals. Suggestions?

I am about to start my 2nd week of induction and our wallet is getting kind of thin from eating out. (sashimi is expensive, steaks are expensive, $6 low carb burgers are kind of getting old)

after breakfast, lunch and snacks we have about 8 or 9 net carbs left for dinner. Usually the protein requires cooking, buy I don't want to cook when the internal temp in the house is between 90 to 100+ degrees. or the veggies require steaming or boiling... again more cooking...

I know, salads... so what are some of your favorite salads?

Also going out is just get out of the fooking hot house... so any suggestions for cheap low carb meals in the east bay area (Oakland, CA USA)?
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