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Hi all. I'm new here. I started the Atkins Diet yesterday. I've read the book up through the induction phase and I'm feeling good about the decision to give it a try. I really need to work on variety a bit, but then I just started. The last couple of days I've had mostly leaf lettuce, cheese, eggs, bacon, and angus burgers. I had a slice of onion on my burger today and actually made a dressing for my salad. Must find a recipe. I would like to say that I had taken more time to get to know the book and plan out some recipes before I started, but it was a strong feeling I had and I felt I didn't want to eat poorly another day. I've been feeling terrible lately even though I work out regularly and I believe my insulin is giving me a hard time because of too many c's. I'm really excited and glad to be here. I do have a question. I went on a diet soda search and found diet rite with splenda. The label says 0 carbs also. Do I still need to regulate how much of this I drink? I know the book says to keep track of how many packages of sweetner I use, but I don't know how much splenda is in this drink. Any thought?
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