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Thank you everyone - X posted

Thanks to the following people for their quick feedback! I really appreciate it!
Atkins Induction: LILLIEW & Saltwatersounds
Atkins Diet: Crwilley, Aithlyn, Erin

Thank you for your candid feedback all of you. Your right, pride aside, I've been doing this wrong, no matter how I like to think I am doing it right I am not.

Follow-ups / Changes: I have also taken your suggestions to heart and will make the change.

  1. I will re-read the book again for the 3rd time. This time more slowly. I have signed up with Fit day to attain that 65% fat, 30% Protien, and 5% Carb Ratio.
  2. Increase my veggie uptake as the book says!
  3. Eat my BMI -> 1695.95 calories (which is going to be hard for me)
  4. Do not Skip Meals
  5. Eat Smaller Meals through the day
  6. Eat only what is on the approved list! No Nuts about it!
  7. Excercise! I already have a Bally's membership, and just yesterday I also signed up with Curves.
  8. Do not use celery as a meal or my vegtable intake
  9. and lastly, do not weigh myself every day! I think i can settle for once a week, and rather focus on my measurements via tape daily if i need to!

Also just as a side note, I'm not intentionally limiting my food intake. In fact I find it hard to eat since i am not hungry anymore. I think this is mostly due to my past eating which mainly consisted for Starck bucks venti frappaccinos (at least 3x a day).

I will keep everyone up to date!
Once again thank you! I love you all!

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